Golden Learners Academy

Head Teacher’s Welcome

Head Teacher’s Welcome

I take this opportunity to welcome you to Golden Learners Academy the school which has a vision for your child. We are located in Katani in the County of Machakos. We believe in holistic development of children thus we have fully qualified teachers. We give individualized attention to our pupils. Our school has pre-school, lower and upper primary. We believe that children learn through play and we have adequate play field. We have slides, tyres, swings and other relevant play materials. We offer a broad based curriculum borrowing from the various educational theories i.e. Montessori, ECD and 8.4.4 while still incorporating the requirements of K.I.E.

We have a school feeding program and we ensure good quality and well balanced for the children. We offer and transport at children friendly hours. We pick and drop children at their door.

We offer extra curriculum activities, computers, educational trips. We offer both classroom and outdoor activities to ensure children learn through manipulation. Golden Learners Academy admits pupils in line with the Ministry of Education and the school admission policy. Our academic year begins in January and entry is preferred at this time. However may be accepted at any time of the year. Admission in pre-school is based on informed assessment and interviews.

Admission in to primary requires pupils to sit for exams in Mathematics and English as interview to determine their level. Pre – school interview by oral questions.

We have a playgroup for children aged 1 ½ years to 3 years. We give them a warm lovely home environment. We take total care by feeding and bathing the children till they adapt to the school environment.

We maintain children’s cleanliness and they go home clean as they came.

Golden Learners Academy is among the best schools in Katani area in Mavoko, Machakos County. Give us your children and you will be amazed by the great care we give. 

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